Men generally do not go with multiple choices when it comes to weddings, but you need to understand that every kind of wedding has a specific ritual theme that it acquires, and you need to go according to that. Here is a guideline by GC Select for you to choose your outfits with ease according to the wedding that you are attending-  

Formal Weddings 

Formal weddings require the most formal kinds of wear and men there are required to wear tuxedos with a tail, a bow tie, and pants and formal shoes like oxfords. There are no exceptions at formal weddings as this outfit gives you the most formal attire and the most formal look that suits the occasion best and at the same time makes you look like a gentleman. Special kinds of formal shoes or any special bow can go with your look too as you may choose anything that suits your personality.

Beach Weddings 

Destination weddings are one of the popular things these days and that too at the beach. So at the beach wedding, it’s most preferable to go with an outfit of floral print or, if it’s night then black works best. You can get stitched something a nontraditional outfit for yourself so that it makes you different from others and you got the wedding vibes also right. 

Big fat Indian weddings 

We all know about the big fat marriage of India, including royal Rajasthani marriage, the marriage of Punjabis, etc. All these wedding styles for men, look perfect if they wear traditional outfits such as sherwanis, shargala, etc. Sherwanis has become the latest wedding trend that you can also fuse it with the new style your old sherwanis or, you can style it with Kashmiri shawl etc. Big fat Indians weddings already have lots of shows, so it is better that you dress up traditionally. 

Informal weddings

The informal weddings do not require any kind of show, but still, your outfit should be such that it shows your happiness for the wedding, therefore, sticking to the formal i.e. customized coat and pants can be the best option. Any other kind of shower outfit would make you look too much out of the box so if you want a different look you can just go with printed coat pants that would make you look different and at the same time maintain the integrity of the function.

Vintage style wedding

Vintage style weddings require vintage suits that make you look the best. For that, you can choose a basic or bold colour suit or outfit along with a bow, or if you are not going with a bow, you can just go with a flower or beautiful broach that goes with your suit or also you can go with linen or khaki suits. In the end, you just need to get what suits you.

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