Men’s fashion has always been something that is overlooked but, since the introduction of new and latest trends from the western regions, especially Korean fashion it has greatly influenced young people. Men’s fashion trends have increased in variety and have become more trendy as the designers have begun to work more on men’s fashion as it also has dynamism now.

Total prints 

Prints were once girly and were used mostly and mainly for women’s outfits, but now brands such as Prada and Gucci have created printed men’s outfits as well such as jumpsuits. These prints are used for both standard and fashionable occasions and can be worn anytime, anywhere.


In men, simplicity has always been fashionable. But simplicity leads to the fundamentals and just the formals that make the fashion of men damn dull but now simplicity has also been mixed and matched with a few funky looks that make the basic outfits more sophisticated and classy.

Oversized Jackets  

The oversized jacket pattern has changed not only from women but also for men. Men’s 2020 fashion includes bulky and quirky look jackets that were worn by artists such as rappers and freestyle dancers, but have now moved to become the fundamental standard for men’s fashion wear.

Bermuda pants 

Since the mid-twenties, Bermuda pants have been in fashion but in 2020, the trend for Bermuda pants shifted from simple colours to quirky and floral prints that can be worn not only on beaches but also on the usual busy workdays that would make you look chic and trendy at the same time. The latest cool floral prints also give you the fresh look you crave for.

Statement shirts

The new cool fashion is the Statement shirts as they allow you to add a great look to your personality. Statement and tailored outfits help you get a sharper look, and at the same time, according to your needs and desires, you can restyle your shirt. At the same time, it can be made to appear formal and casual. Apart from the same old colours and the same old styles. Statement shirts are all about endless menswear choices. In shirts, a simple print or a simple colour contrast makes you look different and flaunt your personality at the same time.

Recreated denim 

Denim is the oldest form of fashion trends, but with the recreation of outfits using denim, the use of denim reached another height this year. Men and denim have always had the strongest association and, they go together, so when you talk about men’s outfits, denim is something that needs to be kept in mind. They’re never out of fashion.

Fashion is what is known for dynamism and is ever-changing, but for men, it always goes with simplicity and minimalism. For more updates, check out the GC Select for the upcoming fashion trends, elegance with the funky style is a new WOW so be trendy and classy with your looks.