Bollywood has been one of those places from where most of the fashion comes out. Most of the people in India follow Bollywood to keep themselves updated with the latest fashion trends. The celebs come up with the latest fashion trends. So here are some of the trends, of Bollywood for men in 2021 by GC Select. 

Cargo trousers 

Such styles of pants provide you with a lot of advantages as they serve you with your target of all-time use. As they serve you with jeans as well as trousers, they can be worn everywhere and they do not have a very casual or very formal look.

90’s knitwear pullovers 

Since the early 20s, pullovers have always been in fashion, but fashion has redeemed itself by coming back in the same shape, but in only with little made-over form. These pullovers also can be paired up with overcoats and jackets and also you can get scarfs with your pullovers that make you look smarter and make you the centre of attention for a lot of people.

Designer tracksuits  

Tracksuits were always trendy, but now the statement and written tracksuits have taken the place of bare and solid colour suits only confined to walks and workouts. At the same time, these tracksuits are comfy, fashionable, and trendy. Because of their distinctive and wonderful style and prints, they can also work at parties and the office.

3 piece suit 

3 piece suits serve the best for casual as well as formal looks. The waistcoat gives you the perfect handsome look while you can remove the waistcoat to make your suit look different. The rolled-up sleeves and the waistcoat also give you the 90s working style and make you look even more handsome.

Polo Shirts 

Polo shirts generally give you a more smart look as compared to any other crew neck t-shirts. They give you an instant professional and smarter look that makes you look more manly and smart. Comfort and wearability are the two best features of polo shirts. They can withstand constant wear and tear as they are more heavily made.  All in all, you can satisfy your look with a good quality polo shirt.


Hoodies were generally and more often worn by women in the early bit since the change in fashion, men have also adopted hoodies as stylish wear and that too the light and girly colours are more in trend for men wear since the change in fashion. Hoodies provide you with a formal or an informal any kind of look as wearing a jacket over a hoodie gives you a formal and a cool look while wearing just a hoodie can give you a cute and casual look. So it is good, for both a bold and cute personality.


Overcoats are the new trends for both men and women as they give you a more real, cool, and smarter look and also make you look handsome. You can pair your overcoats with coloured scarves and boots too that makes you look more stylish and gives you a more classy look.